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Public Painters is a leading waterproofing contractor and service providers in Chennai since 2008. We specialise in diagnosis and treatment. We have special machines for injection grouting. Our expertise is to diagnose the problem from the source.

This wet wall not only looks bad but is an invitation for diseases and early wearing of buildings. We recognise this as a growing challenge and hence we specialised in bathroom leakage solutions and general water proofing services in Chennai, Tamilndu, India.

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A complete Water Proofing solution for residential & commercial Building

Terrace and Roof waterproofing

Bathroom and Basment waterproofing

Wall Waterproofing

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Before After
Before After waterproofing beforewaterproofing after

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If you are looking for the best painter in Chennai, look no further. Public Painters is a  all-rounder in home painting, waterproofing and wood coating solutions. Enjoy a hassle-free paint job today!

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100% Guaranteed Chemical Waterproofing Solution with

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1 Bath Room & Ceiling

2 Terrace Repairing

3 Crack Filling

4 External Wall

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